Eulerroom Equinox 2020

March Equinox (3:50am Fri 20th March, and surrounding days)

Live Coding? TOPLAP?

Live Coding is an artistic technique by which music or visuals are generated and modified by writing lines of code in different programming languages, giving instructions to the sound or video cards in the computers where the script is ejecuted. You can check all the existing languages here.

TOPLAP stands for "Temporary Organisation for the Proliferation of Live Art Programming" or "Transdimensional Organisation for the Parsimony of Live Art Programming" but if you want further info you better go here.

An equinox is a day when the whole world gets 12 hours of sunlight. The March equinox marks the beginning of autumn in the southern hemisphere and spring in the northern hemisphere.

For March Equinox 2020 we will celebrate sixteen years of the TOPLAP live coding community with a nonstop online stream, over 19th-22nd March.

Watch live!

Between 23:30 GMT 18/03/2020 and 01:30 GMT 23/03/2020:


23:30TOPLAP (Internet)(Talk) Free-for-all discussion - Please join this experimental video chat to launch the eulerroom equinox stream, where we say hello to the world in our favourite language, solve all our problems and finally uncover the perfect definition of live coding
Thu 19 Mar00:00Bot Cocktail (Toluca, México)Electronic music with some of Live coding in Sonic Pi and visuals on Processing
00:30TheTimeRipper (Detroit, MI USA)TheTimeRipper - Live coding in Tidal Cycles using original field recordings and sounds that I've designed, peppered with some sounds from SuperDirt.
01:00Reinado de Terror de Armando Barreda (CABA, Argentina)Foxdot, Rampcode, and other techniques and programs
02:30ghales (Brasilia, Brazil)glitch minimal / ambient beats using TidalCycles
03:00Sebastian Camens (Seattle, WA, USA)6D Beats
03:30kindohm (Chaska, MN, USA)code, drums, synth - An improvisation for drums and synthesizer.
04:00Alta-D (Los Angeles, Ca)Tidal Cycles Performance - Performance with Tidal Cycles
04:30Sarah P as (Philadelphia, PA USA)Brain Food in Color - Downtempo is my favorite way to come down from a long day. I'll be playing a visual set to a mix of my favorite songs on Spotify.
05:00diegodukao (Rio de Janeiro)Live coding with FoxDot
05:30Alexandre Rangel (Brasília)ALEXANDroid - Sonic Pi / Hydra / Blender3D performance
06:00Illest Preacha (Montreal, Quebec)(Peformance but also an exploration into my processes) Entering of the Mind - Will be using Hydra and Sonic Pi in conjunction with my freestyle/spoken word process to emit a random vibe during my performance
06:30provod (Undisclosed realm)shader livecoding - GLSL shader livecoding, building complex 3d ray-traced scenes from scratch (can also do simple music in shaders if given enough time, e.g. +another 30m slot)
07:00schurer (Berlin)was - was is a reflection of was. tenses. auditory scene analysis coded experience. soliloquy synthesis.
07:30u-mano u-dito (Trento - Italy)single sample run - create a track layering a simple sample with itself multiple times.
ingredients list: tidalcycles and a sample from the standard library.
08:00ARTHACK.NZ ~ ALGORAVE (Wellington, New Zealand)Improvised music from Matt (DESTROY WITH SCIENCE) + TidalCycles tunes from David ( + live coded visuals from Jack (VISOR)
09:00tedthetrumpet (Glasgow, Scotland)A semi-improvised performance using both SuperCollider and Tidal: with beats and without
09:30Yaxu (Sheffield UK)From-scratch live coding with TidalCycles
10:00Shelly Knotts (Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK))Mashing synthesizers into algorithmic noise-rave in SuperCollider
10:30Sheila (Melbourne, Australia)Tidal Cycles + Modular Synth - Tidal Cycles + Modular Synth
11:00Keiji Mitaki (Japan)Mixup SonicPi code and audio samples
11:30lowtechism (Tokyo, Japan)Livecoding with PureData or Sonic Pi
12:00irisS (Buenos Aires)Tidal+Hydra using flok - I'll improvise from sratch! #tidalcycles #hydra #flok
12:30Shihpin the Livecoder (Japan)Livecoding
13:00SuperContinent (Various global locations)SuperContinent - SuperContinent performance
13:30Algomech ensemble (world ensemble)Algomech ensemble - DistCult ensamble formed for the Algomech Panel on Distributed Culture and kept performing remotely since then.
14:30SOMEHOAX (Shanghai )Hoaxing
15:00hellocatfood & mxwx (Birmingham, UK)Antonio Roberts (hellocatfood) and Maria Witek (mxwx) use Troop + Tidal Cycles to collaboratively live code experimental techno. Both relatively new to live coding music, they are working together to develop a high energy aesthetic that is both heavy and groovy.
15:30Cybernetic Orchestra and friends (Hamilton, Canada)The Cybernetic Orchestra and solo acts stream live from the Networked Imagination Laboratory
18:30djalgoritmo (Brazil)tidal cycles live coding performance
19:00NL_CL livestream (The Netherlands)Series of live coding audio-visual performances from the community based in The Netherlands.
21:000001 (Sheffield)Gritty noise in crystal-clear surround
21:30PLab Stream (Mexico City)Algoconcert organized by PiranhaLab.
23:30b1tdreamer (Colombia)World Code Music - World music and visuals using live coding environments
Fri 20 Mar00:00Ezra (Mexico)Guitar, Voice & Algorithms - I will improvise music over live codings I have made. I will play guitar and sing.
00:30gambit (Pisa)Quarantine Foxdot - Just a Foxdot Live session in a Coronavirus Quarantine
01:00LiveCodeRVA (Richmond, VA USA)Event at Virginia Commonwealth University
02:30Left Adjoint (Portland OR)Hopefully chill music in TidalCycles
03:00k-blamo (huntington beach, california)k-blamo (o que-blamo) - live coding orca, ardour, linux con modismos
03:30#TeamFoxDot (Detroit(US),Brooklyn(US),Berlin(DE), Prague(CZ)Lambda Chops - We are a group of FoxDot'ers, who meet up in a Telegram Channel called "FoxDot". It is a global community, which grows every day. Momentarily, we have one server with 2 Ports, that runs Troop, so we can go and jam together 24/7. The stream will be one of this jam sessions we usually do.
04:00Eris Fairbanks (Natick, MA (United States))Jamming out with my creation, Cybin
04:30Equinoccio Medellín (Medellin - Colombia)Tree venues in diferent places from Medellin will host a Panel, then we will go to a Algoconcert and then in the final venue an Algorave.
08:30nnirror (Madison, WI)nnirror uses custom-built Max/MSP software, a modular synth, and other analog hardware, all of which can feed into each other, to produce complex and chaotic generative music.
09:00Tacacocodin' (Costa Rica)Performers: celeste94, disolvta & smosgasbord
Foxdot and hydra from 3 bedrooms in Costa Rica.
09:30SOMEHOAX (Shanghai )Hoaxing
10:00Naoki Nomoto (Japan)the performance by TidalCycles with Modular Synth or somethings
10:30knd (Japan)chat - live performance named chat
11:00okachiho (Tokyo)Playing with TidalCycles
11:30Dragica Kahlina (Switzerland)Live coding analog sounds. The Moog Sirin analog synth is completely controllable by MIDI, every knob has a CC number associated with it, so it can be live coded. I will either use CSound or Supercollider to see what can be done by machine, that can't be done by hand.
12:00khoparzi (Allahabad)An AV performance with Tidalcycles and a visuals system built in OpenFrameworks
12:30Rangga Purnama Aji (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)A solo prepared live coding music set with TidalCycles. Presenting a live coding music from scratch and also my latest music work using TidalCycles.
13:00Alex McLean (Sheffield UK)(Talk) TidalCycles tranklements - A kind of workshop / q+a, looking through some interesting Tidal patterns, and exploring how Tidal functions can work together to make something weird.
13:30AFALFL (Paris)(Demo) beat sci fi electronic mid tempo
14:00tedthetrumpet (Glasgow, Scotland)A semi-improvised performance using both SuperCollider and Tidal: with beats and without
14:30Atsushi Tadokoro (Maebashi, Japan)100 fragments 2020 set - I will perform live coding set from Japan.
15:00Nicola Pisanti (??? Italy )live coding with ORCΛ
15:30Antwerp Algorave (Antwerp, Belgium)An afternoon Algorave in Antwerp
18:00Sweet Little Sixteen (Spring Equinox Algoconcert) (Barcelona)An algorithmic concert in our Barcelona headquarters in celebrating the spring equinox and the 16th anniversary of TOPLAP.
21:00Sound.Codes (Mumbai)Tidal + Modular - Tidal Cycle + custom built Modular
21:30Devient (Montréal)«Devient» est une série de performances nocturnes où la diversité est célébrée à travers des explorations audiovisuelles créées par des artistes émergents ou méconnus. Les différentes expériences se déplacent à l'aide de processus acoustiques, génératifs et analogiques.
22:30Sweet Little Sixteen (Spring Equinox Algoconcert) (Barcelona)An algorithmic concert in our Barcelona headquarters in celebrating the spring equinox and the 16th anniversary of TOPLAP.
23:00beise (Vitória, Brazil)livecoded antropophagia
23:30INRGD (São Paulo, Brazil)dark experimental
Sat 21 Mar00:00La Salpicodera (Bogotá)La Salpicodera - La Salpicodera es un proyecto colectivo de músicos, artistas y programadores articulados alrededor de las prácticas de LiveCoding o creación de imágenes y sonidos en vivo a través del código.

Por casi dos años La salpicodera ha facilitado espacios de diálogo, encuentro, práctica y aprendizaje de las prácticas de LiveCoding en Bogotá.
01:00Algorithmic art club (Local studio)Thorsten Sideb0ard with Soundb0ard, San Francisco
01:30Idea Unsound (San Francisco)Live Coding in Ableton Live with ru.livecode - ru.livecode is a simple live coding environment for Ableton Live that lets you control Ableton through code.
02:00Jonathan Herman (San Francisco)Tidal Cycles + visuals
02:30R Tyler (San Francisco)Tidal Cycles with musical elements derived from genomic sequences of coronavirus
03:00CLiC celebra el equinoccio (Club del sample)Compartiendo código desde el Mondongo para todo el mundo
06:00TLAKONI (MEXICO CITY)TLAKONI (climber in Nahuatl) in Mexico during the spring equinox there is a belief that climbing the 360 steps of the pyramid of the sun (Tehotihuacan) brings the climber closer to the energy of this astrological phenomenon.

Climbing means starting from below, TLAKONI are 5 live coders acts from the local CDMX scene (TOPLAP MX) from skratch, scaling the complexity of their sound acts

  - LOCATION: Generative Cinema Training space, with various proposals, genres and coding languages, with the intention of continuing to generate community and invite new actors of local music and visual scene through live coding
09:00Sneha Belkhale (Los Angeles, California)Wifi Soundscapes w/ FoxDot - Capturing wifi packets realtime and using their signal strengths as input to FoxDot tracks, generating a soundscape of the invisible wifi world around us
09:30bbluu (Brussels, Belgium)Eulerroom Equinox session w/ bbluu (Hash#hash) - Hailing from Brussels, the duo that form bbluu brings you a short live coded set in tidalcycles as part of the Eulerroom Equinox livestream event. The livestreams take place from the 20-22th of March.
10:00tig3rbabu (Mumbai)Algopop - I will be performing a string of original songs in the electro-pop-rock-disco style.
10:30∿ und̷e̷l̷ě̷t̷e̷d̷ (Lviv, Ukraine)livecoded dronish signals having an affair with field recordings (SuperCollider)
11:00th4 (Lyon, France)Some new material from th4, made with TidalCycles!
11:30Elihu Garrett (São Paulo)Live Coding with Lisp
12:00redFrik (Berlin)programming the supercollider
12:30Sarah GHP (Berlin)A BYOB (bring your own beats) visuals set. I will stream some visuals cued to 120bpm and you can make your own sounds or cue up some favorite tracks.
13:00electret (Belgium)TidalCycles musique concrete
13:30Hernani Villaseñor (Mexico City)SonoTexto: soundscape live coding - Small fragments of sound are recorded with the computer at the moment of the performance and then live coded with sclang, that is live coding a soundscape.
14:00Livecode London Goldsmiths Algorave (Goldsmiths, London)A selection of Livecoding performances from the London area hosted in the immersive theatre space at Goldsmiths.
16:00Eulerroom Equinox 2020 Moscow (Moscow, Russia)AV Live-coding show (not necessarily rave) at a small dark venue
18:30kn00tsm00ds (Germany/Dresden)(Demo) Tidalcycles and visuals in Scratch linked by audio-only
19:00Algorave Roma (Rome)An algorave where all coders (audio and visuals) from rome and borders will play
20:30Steven Yi (Rochester, NY)Hex Osc Shift Mod - Explorations in non-linear patterns
21:00hellocatfood x yaxu (Birmingham + Sheffield)a/v stream featuring algorithmic boots and cats and
21:30mathr (London, United Kingdom)mathr plays clive - Live-coding audio in C, from drone to noisy tech beats.
22:00Lenny Foret (Miami Florida USA)Tidal Cycles performance
22:30speedymollusc (Eugene OR)newcomer - foxdot + sagemath
23:00Charlie Roberts (Worcester, MA, USA)(Talk) Intro to Marching.js - An intro/tutorial to marching.js, a browser-based live coding environment for ray marchers.
23:30equinoxioAustral (Valdivia / Chile)Here in Valdivia we're creating a small but fresh live-coding scene and we want to share our work to our friends all around the world!!
Sun 22 Mar00:00
01:00NorthWoods (Arlington VA USA)NorthWoods - live coding in ChucK
01:30Messica Arson (NYC / My apartment)Stream of performance from Messica Arson - Messica Arson is the musical project of Jessica Garson described by the Financial Times as gnarly cut sounds. Messica mixes live-coding elements with live-sampled screams.
02:00rich seymour (DC)live code and instruments trapped in a room - Plugging in some gear and hopefully creating some calming arpeggiating sounds with tidalcycles, perhaps with singing and/or cello.
02:301RR4710N4L NUMB3R5 (Guayaquil )1RR4710N4L NUMB3R5 - 1RR4710N4L NUMB3R5
03:00Hacs-Art (Bogotá - Colombia)Visuals Live Coding - Visual session with Hydra
03:30Pietro Bapthysthe (Brazil)Live coding duo jamming with FoxDot
04:00bgold (St Paul, MN, USA)Tidal & SuperDirt experiments (Vancouver, BC, Canada)(Talk) Introduction to live coding C++ with tinyspec
05:00myxy (Japan)Livecoding with TidalCycles
05:30Sheila (Melbourne, Australia)Tidal Cycles + Modular Synth - Tidal Cycles + Modular Synth
06:00stretch___beatz (Hopefully a stone circle in England)Foxdot in a stone circle???
06:30La Salpicodera (Bogotá)La Salpicodera - La Salpicodera es un proyecto colectivo de músicos, artistas y programadores articulados alrededor de las prácticas de LiveCoding o creación de imágenes y sonidos en vivo a través del código.

Por casi dos años La salpicodera ha facilitado espacios de diálogo, encuentro, práctica y aprendizaje de las prácticas de LiveCoding en Bogotá.
07:00Invalid User (Bogota, Colombia)Invalid user live machines with live coding visuals with hydra
07:30Boros Tamás (Budapest)I was the guy doing the TidalCycles workshop at Budapest, I did all my stuff in separation but after the workshop we had I feel like to contribute more to the livecoding community.
08:00Gil Fuser (São Paulo, Brazil)livecoderismo
08:30MΔZE (Adelaide, Australia)Experimental sound exploration in TidalCycles translated live onto canvas by a painter with synaesthesia
09:00ildar (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)Neuvazhenie k vlasti - Experimental AV improvisation, all sound and visuals generated using TouchDesigner. Never tried that before ))
09:30idmt? (London)Tidal cycles synced to modular synthesis, tacky polymetric mess.
10:00Alicef (Japan)Orca & Enfer livecoding chillout
10:30Niko_14 (Japan)Live coding with Sonic Pi
11:00Pam the Webivore (Philadelphia, PA, USA)Beats/jam with TidalCycles, incorporating field recordings
11:30lowPoly (Argentina)lowPoly - Just share some TidalCycles + Hydra impro using flok to edit collaboratively the script.
12:00Pondskater (Georgia / Caucasus)Basics of Balancing - Rather non-dance-music created without samples but with external hardware instruments.
12:3017.2m (Madison, WI, US)Minimal, experimental, low frequencies
13:00beise (Vitória, Brazil)livecoded antropophagia
13:30Codenobi and Wookie (Albany, NY, USA)Tidal and GLSL performance. Two people, two languages, two locations, one buffer.
14:00Alexandra Cárdenas (Berlin)explorative attempts to cover a British pop song from the 80s mashed up with Latin American feminist protest chants
14:30 Lactoice and Butadiene (Japan)SonicPi x GLSL LiveCoding -
Visual x Audio LiveCoding session by GLSL and SonicPi
15:00Crash Server (Strasbourg, FRANCE)4 hands livecoding with Foxdot, troop, fxpedals and visuals
15:30axaud (somewhere)carrier inception done
looking for checksum
16:00josecaos (Mexico City)Livecoding Supercollider
16:30Earth To Abigail (Tel Aviv, Israel)Electro-Pop With Experimental Tendencies - Solo performance combining live coding with Sonic Pi, vocals, instruments and various machines like a loopstation and DIY synths.
17:00Terminal Void ( Copenhagen, Denmark)Machinery - An industrial-ambient set performed using Sonic Pi.
17:30Chromatouch (Birmingham)Gravity Synth - The livecoded story of a waveform using ORCA and Iannix
18:00Algoconcert from Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf)Algoconcert with artists from Düsseldorf
19:30Anna Xambó (Sheffield)A live coding session
20:00Alessandro Altavilla (Sheffield, UK)soundwwwalk - Following the Soundwwwalk manifesto (by Bernhard Garnicing) I will do a performance in which all sound sources must be played in a browser, must not be self-produced and must be publicly accessible
20:30DJ AMATHYST (Leeds)Jazz + Live Coding - As part of my Final Year Music Technology project at Leeds University I aim to perform a short jazz influenced Live Coding piece in Tidal I'll then present more about my project afterwards and ask for question, comments and feedback!
21:00irisS (Buenos Aires)Tidal+Hydra using flok - I'll improvise from sratch! #tidalcycles #hydra #flok
21:30Livecode PGH: Eulerroom Equinox 2020 (3577 Studios Pittsburgh PA, USA)Performances from members of Livecode Pittsburgh & Friends
Mon 23 Mar00:00livecodenyc algorave (Brooklyn, NY)livecodenyc algorave!